Project plan

Why is a project plan needed?

A good project plan (and following it) helps you in completing your project. Creating a plan first is good for thinking through what your goals are, what is the scope you aim to accomplish within your timeline and what are the smaller steps towards the goal you will have to take. Often you can already identify the most difficult parts of the project in the phase of making the first plan, meaning you can address the challenges early and get the support you need.

At work, projects of various sizes also have plans made (or at least I hope so for the developer's sake) before development starts, to map all the requirements and dependencies and draw out a roadmap of the work.

Here in this subject, we would like you to put together a project plan, so we can understand what your goals are and give you enough support as you are working on it.

How to create a good project plan (and follow it)?

  • Start by figuring out what your goal is - where would you like to be with your project at the end of the semester?

  • Identify the key steps that you definitely need to complete in order to reach your goal. These can initially be quite big and take several weeks each. For example, if you are working on a game project, the big steps could be the following:

  • Break the bigger steps down into smaller ones according to your sprint length

  • Make sure you leave some time for testing and bug fixes, having an application that works well is often more impressive than having one with many features, some of which are buggy

  • Create issues/tasks in your project's board, breaking down the sprint-sized steps even further and allowing you to share work among team members

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