Stand-up meeting

What is the stand-up meeting and why is it necessary?

The stand-up (or "the daily stand-up" or "the daily") is a short 10-15 minute meeting where all team members meet in the morning to give what is essentially a progress update on their tasks. This is necessary to see if estimations made at the planning still ring true and to quickly understand if anyone is blocked by anything.

What to talk about in the stand-up?

  1. What you worked on yesterday?

  2. What will you work on today?

  3. Are there any blockers?

Try to be as concise as possible and don't go into detailed technical or product discussions during stand-up, you can agree a separate meeting time or discuss questions outside of the 3 points above after the stand-up with only the team members whose presence is needed in the discussion.

Stand-up meetings in our project

As you probably don't work on your project every day (although I really recommend that you do, at least a lil bit), and you don't have the exact same schedule with your team members, like you would at a work place, a virtual stand-up could be the way to go.

Agree the times with your team (If not every day, then maybe every other day? Or specific days of the week?) when you each will write a small stand-up report into the team's chat. Of course, this does not mean that you should not speak up if you are stuck with something and need help. You should always speak up immediately when you need help or something is unclear about the task you are working on.

Find a stand-up format that works best for your team (How often? Written format or over a call?) and establish a stand-up in your team. If the sprint is 2 weeks long, that's a pretty significant time to go without a status update.